Saturday, 24 December 2011


Smart Board is design to give more interactive teaching and Learning. It also can be said as a Whiteboard which can perform dry-erase whiteboard writing surface which can capture writing electronically. The required to perform this is computer where the Smart Board is connected via USB cable and also need a projector to project computer image. Smartboard but not only use in classroom but also in office.

How Smartboard functions:
Detecting notes written on the whiteboard surface using dry-erase ink or control the image that have been generate (click and drag).

How Smartboard help in classroom:
i) Deliver curriculum in more interesting and and interactive way which can grab students attention.
ii) Enhance the instructional process
iii) Engage different students learning style
iv) Motivate the students a appropriate distance
v) Increase deliver quality (combination of image generate by computer and traditional method- writing on board)

Limitation on using Smartboard:
i) expensive - not all school have ability to buy
ii) Difficult to use at the beginning - need to set up the gadjet(computer, projector, and Smart Board)
iii) Difficult to install and management
iv) Need appropriate practice from expert
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